Letters I Never Sent

Claudia De Salvo – Letters I Never Sent, 2016, Metro Arts.

Mixed media installation as part of the 2High festival in collaboration with Magnetic North theater company.

With or without the heteronormative binary that perpetuates our world, every individual, without exception, exists with an equal potency of life. With the same capacity for love, fear, and joy and with an unchanging desire to feel that their existence is deserving of a place in this world.

Though I believe these qualities to be necessary parts of the human condition, many of the people who have participated in this project have at one time or another, felt that their experiences are somehow lesser. The arbitrary norms that reinforce the stereotypes of gender and sexuality have come at a great cost, depriving many of a space where they feel welcome or safe.

This installation is a physical representation of a space where the gender binary, and all the preconceived ideas of normal that go with it, is rendered obsolete. It represents a place where people who exist outside of the hetero-normative binary that perpetuates our world are given the time and consideration that they deserve but have otherwise previously been denied.

2016-01-17 14.46.432016-01-14 10.58.162016-01-14 10.57.56


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