Project Panty

This project is an experiment in satire as a means to reflect upon the inherently political nature of women’s bodies. The text is inspired by real comments and opinions posted on social media, and whilst the policing of women’s bodies goes far beyond how we present ourselves online, I feel as though social media is an excellent window into how grander political ideas may manifest in day to day interactions. The text is punctuated by imagery that aims to depict the true nature of femininity. It is fluid, and in reality the constructs that we impose have no real baring on what it means to be a woman. 

I am a woman, navigating both digital and physical spaces, and whilst I know that the sentiments I have encountered in researching for this project do not represent a complete picture, I wish to acknowledge the many individuals still fighting to validate their own definition of feminine identity.



The committee is a product of the collective consciousness of the people, we synthesize their responses and reformulate them into constructive feedback that we send out to women everywhere, to help them become the truest representation of womanhood they can be. We believe we are providing a most valuable service, and that the individuals we contact truly benefit from all that we do. We are the committee and what follows is a sample of our work.

Pantypainting16websiteAge: 42

Profession: No longer applicable

Status: Married, mother

Subject: Motherhood

We are writing to inform you of your change in life status. Recent posts to your Instagram suggest that your may have forgotten. As of the April 23rd 2016 you have been re-allocated and fit within the category: woman, sub category wife, sub-sub-category mother. Due to the recent change, we have taken it upon ourselves to notify you of recent actions that may be considered as a breach of category standards.

We understand that prior to this change, the revealing nature of your online content helped to build much of your following. That being said, we suggest that you balance your content with a few images that are more representative of your change in status. Remember, you are supposed to be a good mum. Many have responded that your images are revealing too much, and people would be embarrassed to have you as their mother.

p.s. We noticed your husband has been voted sexiest man of the year, please congratulate him on our behalf.

Pantypainting14websiteAge: 35

Profession: No longer applicable

Status: Married, mother

Subject: Post baby bod

We are writing to congratulate your physical progress since the transition to mother hood. Due to popular vote you have earned the honorary title of Mothers I’d Like to Fuck. You have in fact set the record in terms of transition time from fuck-able to mother fuck-able. As a result of your success, we have changed our policy, all expecting mothers will now receive a reminder of the new acceptable time to re-gain their fuck-able status after child birth. Your story will feature as an example in our next newsletter.

Keep up the good work.

underpants7 copyAge: 74

Profession: Actress

Status: Divorced, mother

Subject: Cleavage

As you may be aware, images of you at last nights event have gone viral. Whilst some of the responses may be positive, we feel it is our duty to provide you with a brief summery echoing the sentiment of the majority statements regarding your attire.

Though we generally support special event attire that sits on the racier side, we feel compelled to remind you that the rules of the majority no longer apply to you. As a seasoned member of the community we would prefer it if your wardrobe did not attempt to match the trends of your younger competitors. Trust us, it is for your own good.

Whilst we encourage individuals to resist the symptoms of maturing for as long as possible, we feel that, as you no longer pass for forty, you must dress according to the other members of your category. Cleavage is not part of this dress code.

Pantypainting15websiteAge: 23

Profession: Fashion Blogger

Status: Single

Subject: Self respect

We are required to inform you that, whilst we are all for body confidence, a picture of you’re straight up cleavage is a little much. As it may lead your audience to doubt that you genuinely work hard for your income. 

We understand that your subscribers have increased dramatically since your summer themed tutorials  were released, and whilst the change in season may support your recent change in attire, may we suggest you mixed it up with a few more conservative pieces. We find that a 30/60 ratio of sexy to cute conservative looks yield the most positive responses.  Don’t worry, we do not want you to become a total frump.

Wishing you all the best.

pantypainting10 copyAge: 27

Profession: Makeup artist and Youtuber

Status: Unknown

Subjects: Classyness

We are writing to give some constructive feedback on your channel. Whilst you have in your channel description “beauty blogger” we must regretfully inform you that to wear three coats of makeup is not considered cute. This is generating some trust issues within your audience, we think they just want to see the real you.

A simple oversight, don’t worry everyone gets a bit carried away from time to time. We think you may benefit from trying a “no-makeup-makeup-look”. They’re all the rage at the moment.

We hope that you take our suggestions on board, if it’s any consolation many seem to believe that you are so beautiful that you don’t need makeup.


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